From Nuclear Structure And Reactions To Quantum Information


Since its dawn over a hundred years ago, the physics of atomic nuclei has been fueling our exploration of the quantum word theoretically, experimentally and technologically. Atomic nucleus is a natural self-bound mesoscopic open quantum system which is central for the next technological step in Quantum Information Science (QIS).  In this work we pursue novel theoretical questions of open meoscopic quantum systems related to quantum evolution, environment and noise, complexity, entanglement, collective features and evolution of quan- tum phases using tools and our experience from the nuclear physics. 

A. Volya, V. Zelevinsky, Time-dependent relaxation of observables in complex quantum systems, J. Phys. Complex. 1 (2020) 025007.

M. Peshkin, A. Volya, V. Zelevinsky, Non-exponential and oscillatory decays in quantum mechanics, EPL 107 (2014) 40001.

Published on  June 29th, 2021