Our group is pleased to offer opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in doing research and perusing higher education in areas of

  • low-energy nuclear structure
  • nuclear reactions
  • quantum many-body theory
  • open quantum systems
  • chaos and non-linear dynamics
  • physics of mesoscopic systems.

There are numerous possibilities for collaborative projects involving experimental nuclear physics, astrophysics, hadron physics and condensed matter. Students in our group benefit from a productive scientific environment, including weekly journal clubs, working with projects that use most advanced scientific computing, opportunities to present their work at national and international meetings.

We make every effort to prepare students for successful careers. We offer participation in grant proposals, competitions, workshops, outreach programs, summer school, and opportunities for an additional training at national labs and other scientific centers.

For additional information please contact Dr. Alexander Volya.

Published on  August 17th, 2014